Strata is a specialist industrial floor safety firm based in Warwickshire – serving the heart of the manufacturing and logistics sector since 2005. And serving the individual safety needs of your team members – their safety and well-being is what's important to us too.

Turning the clock back a few years, Strata had their first industrial premises which were small, very neat, and clean with a spotless painted floor and everything kept so clean.  But it was not to last. Soon the need for more space was desperate and a move to a bigger premise answered this problem. But the downside was the grit, dust, soil, rain entering the premises.  It was never ending, we disliked it, but had to put up with it.

In answer to our customers’ needs we started to develop the Clean-Start® mat and after many months and trials, the moment came! One afternoon, the product was ready. With much anticipation, we tried it with.... "It works" we cried! "It's amazing!"

Now we can share the same results with you. If dirt and moisture trekking into your building is an issue - there is now a solution.

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